It’s that time of year again. Target breaks out shelves on shelves of chocolate boxes and elaborate candies, Netflix loads up on Julia Roberts rom coms, and of course, love is in the air. 

Cool kids know for the past ten years February has really been about celebrating your lady friends (sorry, Hallmark). So we found the best gifts for your girl group that would make even Leslie Knope proud. 

Introducing: Skin Care by Anese.

If you haven’t heard of Anese’s skincare line yet, then this could not be coming at a better time. Anese is an independent skincare line that uses only natural ingredients to create products that not only smell good, but are actually doing your skin some good.

Not to mention, their high quality, ethically sourced ingredients are never tested on animals. Meaning even your vegan friends will love this.

So what’s so special about Anese? They’re dubbed the “serious skincare for not so serious babes” for a reason. The company offers a wide variety of skincare masks for your butt and boobs, because let’s be honest, you’ve got to take care of the girls. 

Their original booty scrub “That booty tho,” has over 3,300 reviews, earning its place as a five star, best selling product. With application two to three times a week, users can expect to see the last of their stretch marks, cellulite, and acne!

But don’t take it from us. Here’s what some people are saying:

  • This has made a HUGE difference in my booty! Totally worth every penny!
  • The best thing ever created. This stuff removed all my acne and bumps! smoooooth booty.”
  • I was skeptical about buying this but decided to give it a try and can honestly say this stuff works!! I also recently purchased the oil and recommended it as well.

Just because your flirting skills may not be smooth, doesn’t mean your booty can’t be. 

More interested in their boob masks? Try Anese’s nourishing “Calm your tits,” mask. While this newcomer may not have reached as many users as “That booty tho” (yet), this collagen-enriched cream helps defeat acne, stretch marks, and protect from sun damage. Plus, did we mention it smells like roses?

Users are calling it a “miracle mask” saying:

  • Ever since I started my job a few years ago, which is 100% outside, my boobs break out and are dry. I tried so many different things that did not work and I was so embarrassed. After using this boob mask for about a week I saw a huge difference in acne, scars, and softness. I am a customer for life!
  • This mask works magic! I have always had issues with chest acne and it’s one of my biggest insecurities. I was seeing results in just a couple weeks after using this mask regularly, now there’s no acne.
  • These products help me bring down the patriarchy one day at a time.

The masks even come in a glass heavy weighted jar to reduce plastic waste, because Anese cares about the earth as much as your girth. 

Ready to buy all the masks for your friends this Galentine’s Day? Anese has a great selection, from cheeky towels, to hydration elixir sprays, tote bags, and even stickers. Go find the perfect Galentine’s gifts before they’re gone at!

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