A recent double-blind trial proves a clinical micronutrient treatment is a safe and effective alternative to ADHD drugs.

While there are a number of ADHD treatments available for both adults and children, it is unusual to see the words “double-blind study” and “stimulant-free” associated with one.

Daily Essential Nutrients, a clinical micronutrient supplement available worldwide without a prescription, contains over 30 nutrients the human body can’t make on its own. Founder and formulator David L. Hardy, one of the world’s recognized experts on human nutrition, says it is the balance of each essential element to the others that makes his formula so successful.

“You need the right amount of Vitamin D to maximize your uptake of Vitamin C and Calcium. We have proven that it works that way with all nutrients. Balance is key,” Hardy shared at the Academy of Integrative Health & Medicine Annual Conference in San Diego.

While Hardy Nutritionals® Daily Essential Nutrients contains commonly recognized essential vitamins and minerals, it is not easily replicated. The levels and processing of nutrients required to make this micronutrient formula are not found in even the healthiest diets, which explains why the nearly 30 independent and peer reviewed medical journal publications show it works. †

In early 2016, David L. Hardy was interviewed by Kathy Ireland on Modern Living With Kathy Ireland® as sponsored programming. The 10 minute segment includes an interview with Dr. Scott Shannon, integrative psychiatrist and author of “Please Don’t Label My Child”, “Mental Health for the Whole Child”, and “Parenting the Whole Child”.

In the interview, Dr. Shannon shares his experience with Daily Essential Nutrients:

“I do a lot of teaching in the integrative medicine, integrative psychiatry world… I think my peers realize that our psychiatric treatments have limited efficacy and very significant risk issues and side effects…and I think I see better results with fewer side effects with Daily Essential Nutrients.”

Hardy Nutritionals® is quickly becoming the first line of defense against mental illness for doctors and patients worldwide. This exclusive interview with Kathy Ireland on Modern Living TV goes into more detail as to how it works and why.

For more information on using Daily Essential Nutrients, which is now available worldwide without a prescription, visit try.gethardy.com

†Refers to pre-2013 formulations of EMPowerplus, co-formulated by David L. Hardy.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to cure or treat any disease. These statements do not constitute medical advice, you should ask your doctor before starting or changing any health regimen.

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