Clinical psychologist, Julia Rucklidge, delivers an enlightening TED talk on the importance of nutrition and it’s role in mental health. Dr. Rucklidge, of the University of Canterbury in New Zealand, has spent many years studying micronutrient therapies and their effect on mood and mental health.

Dr. Rucklidge teaches us that despite many pharmaceutical medications on the market, mental illness continues to rise, and she asks, “If current medications are effective, shouldn’t mental illness be decreasing rather than increasing?”


Medical doctors from around the world have been quoted to say that they were taught little to nothing about nutrition during medical school.  Dr. Rucklidge herself, admits she was at first hesitant to believe that nutrition alone could benefit patients because she was taught that nutrition was trivial when it came to the treatment of mental illness.  However, Dr. Rucklidge has conducted extensive research over the past decade and has found that “nutrition is a safe and viable way to avoid, treat and lessen mental illness.”

One of the studies Dr. Rucklidge conducted consisted of a placebo trial, where adult participants were given vitamins and minerals, also known as micronutrients, to treat ADHD. In just 8 weeks, twice as many people responded who were in the micronutrient group, than those in the placebo group. Those who continued with the micronutrients continued to see positive results, and those who went back to medication showed worsening of symptoms.  The micronutrients studied were formulated by David Hardy, founder of Hardy Nutritionals®.

According to the findings revealed in her research and many other studies conducted worldwide, current prescriptions are only effective on a short term basis, however on a long term basis, medications are ineffective, and in some cases detrimental.
Watch Dr. Julia Rucklidge of the University of Canterbury and Dr. Charles Popper of Harvard discuss treating patients with micronutrient therapy, formulated by David Hardy of Hardy Nutritionals®.  David Hardy’s micronutrient formulations are the most research-backed in the world for mood and mental health:

Micronutrients were also tested on patients suffering from depression, schizophrenia, and bi-polar disorder; results for participants showed steady and long term improvement. She also mentions that micronutrients are not only effective, but also much less expensive than current medications on the market today.  Daily Essential Nutrients, the clinical strength micronutrient treatment offered by Hardy Nutritionals® costs $129 for 360 capsules.  It is also available in powder form.  Hardy Nutritionals® also offers a more affordable, less potent micronutrient formulation called Daily Self Defense™ for just $39 for 180 capsules.

Dr. Rucklidge stresses that nutrition matters, and that poor nutrition is a significant risk factor for the development of mental illness.
We agree with Dr. Rucklidge when she says, “We need to get serious about the critical role played by nutrition.”

In the video below, Dr. Rucklidge and her colleague Dr. Heather Gordon discuss results from a recent study on ADHD, done in New Zealand.  One of the young patients speaks out about his experience, as does his mother:

For more of Dr. Rucklidge’s research, and more research done on micronutrients visit

Hardy Nutritionals® was recently featured on Modern Living With Kathy Ireland as sponsored programming, and several psychiatrists and patients shared their experiences:

The above ten minute Modern Living with Kathy Ireland segment covers how micronutrients are impacting thousands of lives daily worldwide.  After watching, go to to learn more.

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