Holiday cheer and hot cocoa may bring happiness and joy for millions of Americans, but for a large percentage of the population, it also means Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) rears its ugly head.
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While the holiday season is over for this year, many people are still struggling with the “Winter Blues” and hoping for summer.  But for many, there is hope, and it doesn’t necessarily come in the form of psychiatric medication or a tanning bed. While research suggests a lack of Vitamin D [1] from the sun’s rays may contribute to the depression symptoms over 10% of adults feel [2] each winter, still newer and more extensive research points to the fact that low Vitamin D is not the only culprit–not by a long shot.

If eating healthier is one of your New Year’s resolutions for 2017, you aren’t alone.  It seems year after year, millions of people resolve to eat better.  We all know that eating healthier is a worthy goal, but it turns out that even the healthiest diets, chock-full of whole foods, are still lacking the essential nutrients at the levels scientists say are required[3] to ward off the moodiness [4] that accompanies depressive diagnoses and other mental health disorders.
One nutritional supplement company has responded with a unique solution that renowned Harvard psychopharmacologist Dr. Charles Popper commented on during an interview with Access Health.

Popper says, “…We don’t have any psychiatric drugs that can do that, I have never seen a psychiatric drug do that in any case.”

Hardy Nutritionals®, a family-owned and operated company has been hard at work providing research-backed nutritional supplements for mood regulation to adults and children worldwide for years.  They tell us their point of view is all about synergistic micronutrient therapy.  They believe that single elements like Vitamin D aren’t enough, because each element works synergistically in the body and when you add one, you have to balance it to the rest to get real results.

Many agree that due to over processing, chemicals, and a list of other factors, our food supply simply doesn’t have enough nutrition and that everyone needs to supplement.  Hardy Nutritionals® scientists agree, but believe supplementing is half the battle–supplementing properly is key.

While anyone can purchase a multivitamin at the grocery store, one would be hard pressed to find a complex formula nearly as complete and balanced as Hardy’s flagship formulation, Daily Essential Nutrients, (which is why we are writing about it).
clinical micronutrients, daily essential nutrientsThe biggest difference between Hardy Nutritionals’® supplements and run-of-the-mill multivitamins is that Hardy formulations provide clinical levels of all the nutrients science says are essential–in a highly absorbable format, paired with a few other special mood-boosting botanicals.  The concoction, available online without a prescription, is called Daily Essential Nutrients and has helped thousands of people get healthier, including avoiding addicting psychiatric drugs.

Packed with 40 important ingredients, including all the essential nutrients the body cannot make, Daily Essential Nutrients addresses deficiencies scientists have proven contribute to a wide range of disease.

“When people realize the sometimes serious side-effects associated with SSRIs and other psychoactive medications, they often want to know there is an effective alternative,” says Lowyn Hardy, managing director at Hardy Nutritionals®.

In fact, over 30 medical journal publications, including research at University of Calgary, Harvard University and the University of Canterbury on versions of Hardy’s flagship formulation, Daily Essential Nutrients†, show this micronutrient complex is effective against more than just depression symptoms.”

Founder David L. Hardy shared the following during his recent interview with Kathy Ireland on Modern Living.
“Our formula is impacting people’s lives in many ways.  First of all, it is giving relief to people with mental illness–some who have not had relief through medications have found complete relief.  There are some published studies for instance that show people who have been on medications for years and years and in just a matter of months we have been able to change them around and give them their life back…allowing them to go off of antidepressants without the side effects.”

So, why not just head to the supplement store and buy all the ingredients to make a DIY version?  We looked into it–It turns out that it would cost over $400 to replicate one bottle of 360 Daily Essential Nutrients capsules using individual ingredients, and even still the balance wouldn’t be quite right, unless you had a way to chelate the minerals.  Not to mention the fact that Hardy Nutritionals® uses the plant form of elements rather than the rock form, so your body can really “soak it up”.  It is little wonder their supplements are causing measurable health effects–they are properly balanced and they are being absorbed.

hardy nutritionals, daily essential nutrients, reviews“The balance of copper to zinc, for instance, is incredibly crucial….”, says scientist Dallin Hardy, “Our team has worked for over 20 years on this formulation, and the independent research behind it shows it works.  But the formula is carefully balanced and incredibly bioavailable.  Store-bought multivitamin supplements are typically made of/from the rock form of minerals, so the body can’t use them as well.  Our micronutrient formulation is put to good use in the body, quickly and effectively.  In fact, most of our customers report noticing a drastic difference in their mood stability and energy levels within the first two weeks, some even sooner.”

Reviews on the success of using Daily Essential Nutrients are available here, including quotes from renowned medical doctors and researchers who have seen the results first-hand in clinical application.  They even have a generous money back guarantee on their website at  Daily Essential Nutrients is available in powder and capsule form.

Hardy Nutritionals®  was recently featured on Modern Living with Kathy Ireland, where founder and formulator David Hardy and renowned psychiatrist Dr. Scott Shannon discussed using Daily Essential Nutrients in place of medications for mood and mental health.  Watch the full segment below.

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[4] Kaplan BJ, Crawford SG, Field CJ, Simpson JS. Vitamins, minerals, and mood. Psychol Bull. 2007 Sep;133(5):747-60.
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* These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease.
†Refers to pre-2013 versions of EMPowerplus co-formulated by Hardy Nutritionals® founder David L. Hardy.

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